Brands at Mirtronix

Brands at Mirtronix

Remember, vaping is not just down to the e-liquid you use – it’s all about the device. Here at Mirtronix, we want to bring you the best names in the vaping industry which will spark the attention of your consumers and prove most popular with your sales figures. We believe that for most people in the vaping community, it’s all about what device you’re using. This tends to be influenced by brand popularity and of course the most modern devices on the market. Here are some of our top devices that have proven to be the top sellers which you are looking for:

  1. SMOK – Smok is an extremely well-known name within the vaping market, particularly in the blogger community. If you have Smok, you are most definitely in a good place within the vaping world. Smok products are always developed and updated to keep up with the market, so in turn, we will do the same with our product stock.
  2. SIGELEI – The titans in the vaping industry. Sigelei have huge ranges of top quality, superbly designed products. The best thing about their ranges is that they cater for so many different types of vapes, you really have all the choice you could want. Browse our Sigelei range now for all your consumer goods.
  3. ASPIRE – Another well-known vaping brand within the community: great for new vapers and ex-smokers, Aspire brings to you easy to use, popular e cigarettes for amazing prices that are suitable for the conventional, everyday vaper. Aspire, always a winner.
  4. IJOY – Known as the ultimately fashionable e cigarette, Ijoy are popular within the vaping community in terms of the pros of vaping. They look at the health side and the environmentally friendly factor and make their products with a view to being recyclable. For a very different vaping experience, stock Ijoy.
  5. INNOKIN – founded in 2011, Innokin have been around for a long time, making their products long-standing with pride and confidence in the vaping industry. With some of the highest quality, personalised devices in the industry, vapers have faith in Innokin and if you choose to stock them, so can you.

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